Thai Nissho Trading has separated products in 4 parts.

Material Products

1. Material Products

    • Long Glass Fiber Master Batch – a long glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic resin for injection molding
    • PP Compounding – Filler Reinforced Polypropylene, which is used in various industrial are and its applications.
    • Engineering Plastic – ABS POM PA PA6 PA66 PBT HYTREL
    • Color Master Batch
    • PP Recycle Material and PP Recycle Service
    • Sheet – PET Sheet, PET Heat Resistant Sheet, Anti-Fogging PET Sheet, Barrier Sheet




Consumer Products

2. Consumer Products

    • Nonwoven for Automobile part – Felt, R/C Trunk Side, etc.
    • Wipping Cloth
    • Shari-Oh
    • Hiseparle
    • High Functional Film
    • Liquid Crystal Film
    • Bi-Component Spun bond Nonwovens
    • ELFINA Balancing skin – New Product


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    • MIKAN DE NACHU! C – New Product

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Manufacturing Supply

3. Manufacturing Supply

    • Z Clean – High Performance Purging Agent
    • Pallet
    • Filter




Environment Products

4.Environment Products

    • Waste Water Treatment – The Reactor Bio-System (RBS) is a natural purification method utilizing the microbial action of bacterial living in the soil. The method can treat wastewater with high BOD concentrations without dilution; controls odors and generates materials that can be turned into fertilizer, enabling its use as a renewable resource.
    • Fertilizer– Our coated fertilizer is a functional fertilizer that can control the release of nutrients suitable to growth pattern of crops, by coating the fertilizer components with a material that consists mainly of a resin. This enables labor savings and reduction of environmental load for fertilization by minimizing the release of excess nutrients to the soil and water
    • Sanita-Kun– a microorganisms detecting material, does not need a long period of preparation, with which everybody detects microorganisms easily, the results are almost equivalent to the conventional detection limit and displays really its ability in quality inspection and health control.